Displayaz brings to the label a breadth of sounds we haven’t heard before. Weaving together elements of drum n bass, dubstep, grimey beats and breaks he also takes a trip into the darker corners of the electronic sound spectrum. Displayaz merges differing production styles into a sound that identifies his past, present and future and in doing so marks his debut album out as a particulalry distinctive work of music. Now on promo and coming soon!






Megatrend is a man with a mission. Dedicated to making music that veers from one extreme to the other, he plots a course through the minefield of electronic dance cliches and comes up with a remarkably individual concept and sound. Having dabbled in electronic audio and rhythm over the last couple of years, Megatrend has continued the search for his own holy grail of merging harsh sounds with a melodic undertone to create a distinct musical beauty. On his new album “Let The Trend Be Your Friend” he undoubtedly achieves this and in doing so pushes his sound into new and impressive territory.





Admon is the moniker of producer and DJ Damon Vallero. Damon has been heavily involved in making and DJ’ing techno for the past 9 years and this is his first foray into a completely different style of music. Damon has notched up over twenty five techno releases to date and sold records all around the world as well as DJ’ing and playing live in the UK and Europe. Under his Admon name Damon presents another side of his musical character exploring a wider variety of sounds, textures and rhythms. The music retains a deep feel to it and is augmented with vocal samples and sounds which give the music an individual identity and atmosphere.