Metal Server Ep Cover


DJ Mag Servent Review Angel Molina – ‘Fragmentize; is my fave track on here. Also good is the mellow ‘Fragmented’. Thanks!
Ann D – Deep & thoughtful techno – perfect for the weekend, 10 out of 10.
Anton Banks – I really like that first track. Will use.
Bas Mooy – Really like ‘Fragmentize’ and ‘Fragmental’! Thanks!
DJ Shax – Nice
DJ Shiva – I rarely give 5 stars to anything, but this is a seriously lovely release. Rhythmic textures that play off of strange atmospheres, all adding up to some fantastic depth and drive. This is quality techno.
Dustin Zahn – : Nice to hear Damon Vallero’s name coming up again :) ‘Fragmental’ seems to resonate the most with me for this package.
DVNT – ‘Fragmented’ for me! Thanks.
Fabian Birke – For radio play, thanks.
Gareth Whitehead – Really nice. Full support.
Inigo Kennedy – Top marks for ‘Fragmental’!
Joseph Capriati – Great release. Thanks.
Keith Anderson – There is a lot of this deep, dark techno about at the moment and all rather sounds the same, but Servent delivers a classy EP, big fan.
Lakker – ‘Fragmental’ is the one. Like the clicks :)
Mark Archer – 4th track, ‘Fragments’ is the winner here.
Mr Jones – Deep EP. I like ‘Fragmentize’ because of the evil and freaky sounds. But still with a nice groove.
My Evil Twin – ‘Fragmentize’ just ticks all the right boxes!!!
Nick Clarke – ‘Fragmented’ is the one for me, here.
Norman Nodge – Nice package of various styles. Sounds great. Wavs would be highly appreciated for playing out.
Rolf Mulder – ‘Fragmental’, very haunting…
Ryuji Takeuchi – Great EP. 1st and 3rd tunes for me. Will play other stuff also. Support.
Terry Mitchell – Lovely stuff, always enjoyed Damon’s work. I think either ‘Fragmental’ or ‘Fragments’ are my fave… Full support on the station including review. Would love WAV of this. Many thanks!
Tomohiko Sagae – Cool
CIAN Ó CÍOBHÁIN – Top, top stuff!
Esteban Adame – Well put together. Thank you.
George Lanham – These are great, thanks.
Samuel L Session – Good selection here. Good overall vibe. 1st song will be the one for me to play probably.


Bob Felton – “Deep, cool and ambient. Nice work from Servent.
Diesler – “Deep and beautiful release. Will support on the podcast.”
DJ Aurelio – “It’s stylish !!!”
DJ Dean Shaw – “love all mixes”
DJ EZ (Kiss FM) – “Cool..”
DJ Franco Bianco – “Huge one! Thanks for the music! I will consider for my Radio Show at Delta FM 90.3 in Buenos Aires and also for my dj sets!”
DJ Mark Bisson – “Very interesting tracks, sounds great! Not really my style, but excellent.”
DJ Rattus – “wicked remix package”
Doogie – extramusicnew blog – “On promo Chart”
Lifecycle – “very, very interesting and unique ambiences … kinda like Applescal on morphine? the mellower, bass-focused moments really got me”
Michael Callaway (Ibiza House Party) – “nice selection of sounds”
Nerdy Frames Magazine – “nice selection of sounds”
Newcastle Student Radio – “This is sound design at its finest. How so much emotion can be expressed through dissonance, wild sampling and noise is astounding.”
Tsugi Magazine (France) – “coool album tx”
Control The Event

Displayaz “Control The Event”

“I really love your sound”
Mary Anne Hobbs – BBC Radio 1

“Definitely feeling your sound….keep up the good work”
DJ Overload

“Great mixture of styles and tight production, excelent release”
Conspira – Química 105.4FM

Formerly involved in techno production, UK-based Damon Vallero (aka Displayaz) makes a thoroughly convincing foray into drum & bass and dubstep on Control The Event’s dozen cuts. Though the hour-long collection is flawlessly executed, some of the drum & bass tracks don’t radically stray from convention; “No Play For Free” certainly slams with authority and the jazzy groove of “Validation Of Sound” is impassioned, too, even if its blazing bass lines and doomsday vibe are by now a bit too familiar. Vallero wisely mixes it up by adding experimental and soulful elements to “Three Sixual” and “So Being Together,” respectively.

The dubstep cuts, on the other hand, impress more, to some degree perhaps because the genre’s still fresh enough that its explorative potential hasn’t yet been reigned in by convention. Atmospheric grime coats “Dead And Buried” but the tune sounds anything but lifeless; in fact, a rather uplifting mood pervades the piece as a wooden flute and string surges add warmth to the pulsating skip broiling below. Elsewhere, Burial fans will cotton to “Sunk With A Trace,” especially when its descending synth melody aligns Displayaz so closely to the Hyperdub artist’s style, and “Both Your Hands Up” brings a light-footed funkiness to the proceedings. Listeners eager to introduce themselves to the genres could do a whole lot worse than Control The Event.

Textura Magazine – January 2007

A CD for the alternative music lover, and a pleasent change from the ‘general’ style of Independent music. Great effort.

Soundwave FM

CONTROL THE EVENT by Displayaz is a futuristic collection of electronic beats. Twelve tracks in all, Control The Event slides around the Displayaz of crazy; IDM, Jungle and drum n bass rhythms, down tempo glitchy dub, world beat, grimey dub-step, ambient electronica, new funky sounds, spaced out breakbeat, with touches of industrial breakcore and ragga! Displayaz has their sights aimed into the future of breakbeat! Anything retro about Control The Event runs alongside a whole new world of intelligent music programming leading to an ever evolving flux of sounds, beats and deeper worlds! All in all, a great album.

NOIZ-AETHERICA internet radio


Megatrend “Let The Trend Be Your Friend”

Sporting what must be the most woeful title of the year, Megatrend’s Let The Trend Be Your Friend is thankfully a whole lot more tolerable where it counts. His hour-long set of metal machine music distills elements taken from the broadest spectrum of styles—dub, ambient, electro, hip-hop, glitch, trance—into thirteen aggressive urban soundscapes. Moods are predictably extreme, ranging from the chill of “Selfega Arialis” to the psychotic seizures of “Liscargo Forleam,” and songs feature generous helpings of mechano rhythms, spooky themes, and crushing breaks. Throbbing cuts like “Gitard Servale” and the dubby “Pan Cordless Atronix” pulsate manically while glitchy meditations (“Paetches”) and space-dub explorations (“Rendenning”) offer relief from the dystopic intensity. Its synths writhing mercilessly, “Telfuego Nivarre” is the album’s clanking industrial monster (it even works in a recurring reference to The Prodigy’s “Firestarter”). What most distinguishes Megatrend’s sound is his concentration on dub, not the style itself but its production techniques, many of which are applied liberally throughout. Under a more palatable title, it would be easy to imagine Megatrend’s album appearing on Spezial Material or Highpoint Lowlife, both of whom have issued material of similarly aggressive electronic character (Solarium and Izu, respectively)—that fact alone a strong endorsement of the album’s quality.

Textura Magazine



“You could almost be forgiven for thinking that you were holding the new version of the Blade Runner soundtrack in your hand” 5/6

Raveline Magazine

Now, once again, we have the chance to try push you an album by an unknown electronic artist as we did with Izu the other month. When three of us all decide something’s wobbling head & shoulders above the rest of the chaff by merely approaching sound from another angle or thinking a little deeper, we’ll shout it from the rooftops. This week it’s this rather cool CD by Megatrend which is 13 tracks of dark, multi layered electronic wonderment. The styles vary from claustrophobic post braindance stuff to early Planet Mu inspired future glitch techno. It all works like a really interesting mix CD, experimental but accessible, hugely varied yet free-flowing, containing nods to the all classic electronic / techno composers whilst retaining an undeniable level of originality. This is on Downstream.

Norman Records


Admon 4am Life

4AM Life by Admon


This is what some had to say!

Nick Luscome (XFM) A really nice album from a talented producer.

Mr Scruff Track 4 is is my favourite, very good

Dominic Glynn (Samurai FM) Love “Drought In The Dust” – playing on my upcoming show

Pathaan (DJ Mag / Ministry Of Sound Radio etc) Great album of downtempo, lush, chilled, funky tracks.

Richard Thair (Red Snapper) Some Lovely tracks on here.

DJ Mr Romo Well produced downtempo, Acid Lounge, and world vibe. Beats for sheets. Synthetic grooves give your spine a much needed break.

Maree Phillips (95.3 Huon FM ) The CD 4am Life has been getting plenty of air play and it has been requested a couple of times.

Lilitu Babalon (Artsound 92.7 FM) Thanks so much for an excellent CD

Lisa Hickey (PBS 106.7FM) Really enjoyed this beautifully produced album and have been playing it repeatedly on my breakfast show in Melbourne.

Paul Jove (Stereo 97 ) This cd has funk and dreamy written all over it, hence the 4a.m.Life title. Tracks that we are currently airing are: Drought In The Dust & Voices in a Void. Some could possibly be submitted to Café del Mar compilations – 🙂

Serge Tillemans / Jean Chermanne (Radio Panik/Canal B) Great loungy and dreaming album exellent trip hop ambient sounds .. like dj food etc

Erik Eriksson / DJ Friendly (NRK P3 (National) Thanx for sending me this great release – I’ve already played one track in my radioshow on national fm-station NRK P3