The latest album on Downstream is out now titled “Cluster Scape” by Flux of Sensations. Caught in a Cluster Scape, confined, constricted,
captive without escape, claustrophobic, a prisoner within boundaries. Is this where you are?

Listen and buy at Bancamp.

New on Downstream is the album “Molecularised” by Data Burst.

Programmed and manipulated on boutique and modular electronic equipment, the album is a series of tracks formed from different rhythmic
molecules of sound, each acting as a building block to complete the
element. Components, structures, motions and shapes collide, combine, bond and renew to provide a fascinating listening experience. 

Listen and buy at Bandcamp.

The album titled “Moderate Stimulation”by Local Sound Developer is out now.

“Sometimes it appears that we are reaching a period when our senses and our minds will no longer respond to moderate stimulation”.

Local Sound Developer releases his first work on Downstream with a personal take on deep atmostronica.

‘Moderate Stimulation’ is a collection of tracks utilising found sounds, modular electronics and software manipulation, blending ambience with low-key rhythms for a captivating listen.

From the opening bell tones of ‘Cycling in a Hole’ to the closing spaced out ‘The Colour of Dusk’, LSD provides an aural ‘trip’ for those with a sonically conscious dependence.

You can listen and buy at Bandcamp and all other good stores.

The new album from Servent is now out. Titled “A Cowboy’s Holiday”, it was made using modular equipment embracing the unpredictable nature of the machines to generate sounds that subtly evolve with enough rough edges to intrigue the listener. Comprising seventeen pieces that range from the neo ambient through granular spectral harmonics to disordered concrete tech, there is always an element of the melodic to be found within the music.

Available now on Bandcamp on CD, cassette and digital.

“Don’t Let Go / Root Cause” is the latest release from Servent. Buy it here.

Out on November 3rd is “Iota” by Servent. Previews here.

Latest release from Servent is titled “Undisclosed” and available from Beatport and other good stores.

Out now on Downstream is the new release by Servent titled “Items”. Out on 15th May 2017 you can hear previews below.




This release from Servent is titled Belief Systems’. Comprising four original tracks, this release offers up two slamming techno grooves and two deep, dense haunting tech spheres. It is out now.


Listen to previews below.




Downstream Records is a label dedicated to bringing you “electronica” in all its forms. Now concentrating on techno, the aim is to reflect its ever evolving and endless journey while maintaining a particular label identity and style.


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‘Virtuality Continuum’ by Servent, a four track Ep is out now.

DSR33 Cover

Listen to previews of ‘Virtuality Continuum’





“ArtBals” from Servent is a four track Ep containing a remix from Bioscope Man. Previews below and support from Alan Fitzpatrick, Angel Molina, Bas Mooy, Dave Tarrida, DJ Emerson, DVS1, Kyle Geiger, Marcel Dettman, Marco Bailey, Mr Jones, My Evil Twin, Paul Mac, Paula Temple, Ryuji Takeuchi, Slam, Pole Group, Samuli Kemppi, Exium, Takaaki Itoh, David Meiser among others.




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Decay Zone featured on Dave Clarke’s White Noise Radio Show.

Stateless featured on Dr Hoffmann’s Blind Spot Radio Show



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